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Toplock is always your reliable partner to secure personal and property safety!

Expert Agent

16 years exporting experience to handle diversified export & import procedures, affairs and documentation.

Quality Standard

7-step quality procedure covering from supplier selection to after sales service, all-round assurance for quality.

Certified Method

Different certifications & testings for different products: CE, FCC, ANSI, IP68, Salty Spray Testing, etc., good quality proved.

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Experience, Quality Assurance, Innovation, and much more!

TOPLOCK GROUP, with about 20 years specialized in manufacturing and exporting door hardware, is renowned for its ELECTRIC LOCKS and DOOR HINGES on the market both home and aboard.

TOPLOCK GROUP includes TWO FACTORIES, with respectively leading products:


Since 2006, TOPLOCK engaged in manufacturing and supplying various electric locks, electric rim locks, and access control systems, gradually becoming the industry expert. Even earlier than that, top management had dedicated to the industry for decades, bringing in the perfect craft, to offer the best electronic locking solutions for access control systems.

Our reputation for quality is built on the development of new technologies, digitized automatic production, a 7-step QA procedure, and multiple international certifications.


TOPLOCK door hinge factory with RoHS approval, founded in the early 21st century, is a leading manufacturer in the industry, with a focus solely on stainless steel and brass door hinges since it was started.

With more than 6000 square meters of factory area, over 30 large full-automatic and semi-automatic machines, 6 automatic production lines, 1 comprehensive in-house test lab, and around 100 professional staff, the hinge factory can supply 500,000 pairs of hinges max. per month. TOPLOCK hinges are ANSI, EN 1935, and fire-rated certified.

With more than 20 years of concentration on the hinges, TOPLOCK wins a vast customer base like TOPSTRONG, OPPEIN, TATA, MENGTIAN, POLY GROUP CORPORATION, and many more.

From R&D to aftersales, customers always trust TOPLOCK hinges and services because of its expertise.

 TOPLOCK Group is always listening to our customers so it can continue to innovate and deliver market-leading products to different markets worldwide. Customizable service, OEM, and ODM are provided to satisfy unique demands.

TOPLOCK Group will keep dedicated to securing your access control solutions and home safety consistently.

Superior Quality

Our Products

Electromagnetic Locks

600lbs Single Door Magnetic Lock TL280GD

Electric Rim Locks

Electric Rim Door Lock

Electric bolt lock


Door Hinge


TOPLOCK electric locks and other access control products are classified into 10 general product categories: besides magnetic locks, electric Rim Lock, motorized rim locks, electric strikes, and access control keypads, there are still electric drop bolt locks, digital code door locks, exit buttons, emergency switches, together with accessories like lock bracket and key, power supply, transformer, adapter, door closer, wire hose, etc. You can combine any lockset you need.

Different from above, TOPLOCK door hinges only include stainless steel and brass hinges, with a small portion of door holders and floor latches as supportive accessories for doors.

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Quality Assurance

reliable partner

Our dynamic, innovative team offers something unique: The flexibility of a small, agile company, with the global footprint and technical expertise of an international corporation.

OEM/ODM/Customizable Service

OEM&ODM services not only for products but extensively applied in access control, building intercom system and emergency exits, etc.
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Improvement Proposal

We can provide the expertise or solution if your original design or product requires to be improved or modified for cost-saving or defect avoidance.
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Market Analysis

With the sales team in lock sales for over 10 years and with worldwide customers in over 30 countries.
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Exclusive Sales

Once the ordered quantity achieves the certain level, we can provide the exclusive sales contract to protect your market share.
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TOPLOCK is dedicated to providing professional and considerate services to our customers, so we always value customers’ feedback.

Each compliment or suggestion is a great motivation for us to do better and better.

Victor Designation

We have good sales for Toplock products, we are strong in access control in general. We shall order more variety of your products. Toplock products are very popular among our customers. This is because of good quality. Stable and high quality is alwasys right strategy.

Felipe Designation

We are very happy with the results of the tests we made with your lock. To adjust the function according to our needs, we would like to ask some questions about customizing the electronics of the lock.

Julia Designation

We finally got results from Cycling test, and salt spray. During both tests, the sample performed good. In cycling, it reached 250K cycles, and we stopped the test. There was no problems with solenoid or wear of the mechanism. In salt spray test, we found that exterior had almost no damage.


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