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About us

HISTORY you’d like to know

Toplock Industry Co., Ltd, established in 2006 in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, has been manufacturing electric controlled locks and Electric Strike locks for over 15 years, with top management dedicated themselves to the industry for over 30 years. Toplock knows how to produce the locks effectively.


Founder Story

At TOPLOCK there is a well-known story about the two siblings’ elder brother Mr. Liu and his younger sister Ms. Liu, a family with an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit.

Mr. Liu, who is a die-heart fan of the locking mechanism, started his part-time business as a locksmith while being a worker in an electric lock factory in his hometown. Gradually Mr. Liu started to make locks by himself and open his own workshop in his thirties in the 1990s. After leaving the lock factory, he sold his own locks in his hometown.

After several years of development, Mr. Liu felt that the industry was prosperous and it was a good opportunity to expand the workshop. He persuaded his younger sister Ms. Liu, who had already been the sourcing manager in the state-owned enterprise, to quit the job and join in business together with her husband.

How to attract more customers to expand the sales volume became the main obstacle at the beginning of the new development. The two siblings and their spouses made a great bet on an important decision with the confidence in their locks, which costs almost all their family funds: They made several batches of lock samples and sent them to different target customers around the country for free. Ms. Liu and her husband also visited those valuable potential customers one by one by traveling nationwide. 

The quality of the locks produced was widely accepted in a short time after their on-site introduction. Increasing demand encouraged the new investments in the workshop: In the year 2000, they moved to its own new factory of 1,640 m2 in Zhongshan City, which is over 600km away from his home town and well known as “China Hardware Manufacture Base” and “China Lock Export Base”.

In 2006, the electrically controlled locks become the hot-sales items. At that time, the two couples made another critical investment. They incorporated another electromagnetic lock factory operated by a design engineer. By combining the increasing number of workers and machinery equipment, the consolidated factory was named “TOPLOCK”.

To this day, with over 30 years of personal design and lock industry experience, the co-founders have created a product portfolio with more than 300 models related to access control systems.

And now, when they don’t work in the factory, you will find Mr. Liu and the co-founder fishing from afternoon till night. This is another common hobby tying them closely besides locks.


Specialized in electric rim lock, electric motor lock, magnetic lock, electric bolt lock, access control, etc.



15 kinds of Patent Certification & Awarded as “Excellent Supplier” by state-owned enterprise



TOPLOCK INDUSTRY CO.,LTD & CE certification.


Tower Corp

Tower Corp ( Biggest State-Owned Enterprise for telecom); Total sales amount reaches to USD$3,000,000


TopLock WorldWide

Business with several world famous brand, signed the Brazil Exclusive Sales Agreement



Total sales amount reaches to around USD$8,000,000



Factory you’d
like to know

To produce the diversified product categories, as a professional Electric Strike manufacturer, Toplock factory covers an area of 8,000M2, with 12 production lines in 6 workshops, covering from raw material cutting to finished product assembling for different lock types. With digitized automatic equipment, Toplock can guarantee production with the most appropriate machinery and ensure the required quality and functionality.

About us - factory #1
About us - factory #3
About us - factory #2
About us - factory #4
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Our Team

Talented team you’d like to know

Toplock has about 200 staff with at least 3-year experience in the lock industry. They work in two shifts to offer the best delivery time, and to ensure prompt arrangements for customers’ urgent needs.

An R&D team with 10 engineers is capable of strong design and product development. They enable Toplock’s continuous development of products being supplied and newly launched products. Thus Toplock can provide unique and accurate customizable products. Definitely OEM and ODM are welcomed and fulfilled per customer’s requirement.

Another team with 10 talented sales specialists serves customers by 7X24 hours to communicate and advise best solutions to their inquiries or needs.

Quality Assurance

QA system & certifications you’d like to know

From raw material incoming to final products, Toplock takes care of all manufacturing processes by QC inspections for every step. Toplock has developed the 7-step QC testing procedures to ensure that each product meets the required standard, and is compliant with ISO, CE, RoHS, FCC, IP68, Salt test and life test, etc.

Step 1: Vendor Accreditation

When considering a new vendor, TOPLOCK initially implements a quality probation period, and stringently monitor every detail of procurement on a deal-by-deal basis.

Once the vendor has consistently demonstrated reliability, TOPLOCK adds them to a list of accredited suppliers and continues to cyclically audit vessels - to ensure adherence to standards.

Step 2: Raw Material Inspection

Premium products begin with premium raw material.

TOPLOCK meticulously inspects and evaluates every batch of raw materials, such as checking the metal parts one by one to ensure the quality.

Step 3: Line Quality Control

Instead of performing one final inspection, TOPLOCK monitors the entire processing line –from start to finish, and do the random check during the production.

Step 4: Finished Product Inspection

TOPLOCK finished product inspection is done upon a variety of standards, including:

4-1.100% Electric Continuity Test;

4-2. Salt spray test, loading test, mechanical test, etc. whichever is suitable for the specific type of products;

4-3. Gross weight measurement of each box to verify it’s within the standard weight and no component missing.

Step 5: Inspection Report Record

Inspection reports of each order and each production batch are kept well for tracing.

Step 6: Storing & Loading Supervision

When inspection is complete and approved, inventory moves to the short-time storage or directly loading.

TOPLOCK also oversees the loading of shipments onto containers to ensure no packaging damage.

Step 7: Warranty & Aftersales Support

7-1. For the non-anthropogenic factors of product quality issues, TOPLOCK offers the replacements during the warranty period, and also offers repairing components or replacements at the customer’s cost beyond the warranty period or under other circumstances.

Technical support and advisory service are always provided at any time.


Concept you’d like to know

We care what you think,

We believe every customer has their own idea about product details, so we always listen to them and provide our consultancy service for free.

We know what you want,

With export sales in over 30+ major worldwide markets, we seize the up-to-date market info in a timely fashion so we can share the useful infor such as market trend or hot-sale models to our customers.

We make what you need,

OEM and ODM are always provided. During the process, we can also improve the existing product encountering the functional or appreance defect, or refine a new product development with our technical expertise.

We create what you expect.

Customized product development specidfic to customers to meet their unique needs.


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