Toplock is producing electric rim locks for 17 years, the first series when the factory is open. In the beginning, the quantity is in the hundreds per month, and now at least 10000pcs per month, it seems people are getting used to using electric locks, don’t people like mortise locks, but why did people want to switch to electric rim locks? The answer is undoubtedly no, most buildings are installed with both mortise locks and electric rim locks, but different uses.

Compared with mortise lock, the electric rim lock has its advantage.

  1. The simple shape and no extra lock body, square lock case with roller latch for both inward opening and outward opening doors. Mortise installation, no need to dig an installation hole in the door frame.

2. Multiple structures for all markets, different usage habits in their own market, and change components could be suitable for most of the customer’s requests.

3. Multiple open ways, mechanical lock can only open by keys, but the electric rim lock can open with keys, pushbutton access control, and electric switch, the last two ways are open by electric and could be easily connected with access control in the security intercom system.

4. Price is competitive, as the simple structure and long time production, the cost is controlled in the lower status.

5. Longer service life, the lock passed the salt test 24 hours to 96 hours, different surfaces with different test times. And also electric rim locks can be easily passed the 50,000-lifetime test.

The advantage of an electric rim lock is outstanding, the most useful is for electrical updating. Because the mechanical door lock is unable to work with electrical access devices, choosing an electric rim lock is very necessary.

In building security intercom systems under the camera probe, certified residents can be free to go in and out, and for the visitors who are not authorized, we could monitor by the security guard under the camera and confirm the information by door phone, then decide if to open the door, it’s a simpler action and safer access.

In the door phone system in private houses, the electric rim lock is used only by family members, with much fewer entry times than in the public area, so like the hot products in the market, combine door phone and electric rim lock and pushbutton as a set. The electric rim lock connects with the door phone, the lock could be opened whiled confirmation by calling, the release to open.

In the automatic door openers, also a very popular combination, the electric rim lock can connect with the opener device directly to complete the auto access system. The famous door opener brand all have their electric rim lock with their own brand.

As for how to make the switch to electric rim locks, we could classify them by doors. For metal doors, fix by welding or M5x10 screws, and for wooden doors, fix only by screws ST4x16. The basic installation steps are similar, installation of separated cylinder locks is more difficult than the fixed cylinders, so we take separated cylinders as an example here.

  1. Measurement, mark, and drill holes, measure the cylinder hole and lock case/small bracket/small shell screw holes according to the installation hole manual. Then drill the cylinder installation holes, the wooden door could be marked only, and the metal door need to drill before screw fixing.

2. For Small shell installation, tighten the small bracket to the door frame, then fix the small shell to the small bracket. The mistaken way is to fix the small bracket with a small shell at first and tighten the small shell to the door frame as a whole part, it will weaken the holding force of the small shell, easy to break.

3. Cylinder installation, adjust the cylinder driving beaming- cutting the length according to door thickness and fixing the cylinder with the cylinder fix plate at the back and cylinder cover at the front.

4. Lock body installation, fix the lock body with screws doing the final test to make sure the lock can be opened and close normally.

5. Wire connection and fix the lock cover, connect two wires with the power supply or adapter, then fix the lock cover with screws.

Note: As the electrical updating, the electric wire is weak, usually using a door loop to protect.

Below are the steps of separated cylinder lock installation, know more detailed steps of other electric rim lock installations,

At last, in conclusion: making the switch to electric rim locks, we have analyzed the electric rim lock advantage and the reason for the electric rim lock switch and detailed rim lock installation steps, which can help to use the lock. If you have another idea, you can leave a message, so we can discuss it later.