Double cylinder lock vs single

When you are deciding to buy a lock to fit your door, you may have a question about whether a single-cylinder lock or double-cylinder lock would be better. So we need to know what are single cylinder locks and double-cylinder locks. What is the difference between them?

What is single cylinder lock and double-cylinder lock?

Single-cylinder lock and double-cylinder lock refer to the cylinder of a lock. They are two different types of locks. To tell the difference between these 2 types of locks is simple and easy.

Single cylinder lock has only one cylinder on the lock, it requires a key to open and locks the lock from the outside of the door, while inside of the door, it has a turning mechanism (for example, a turning knob or a handle lever) to work but no need to use keys.

The double-cylinder lock has two cylinders on lock, it requires a key to lock and unlock both the outside and inside of the door.

Advantages and disadvantages of single-cylinder lock

As said, single-cylinder locks use a turning mechanism to lock and unlock the inside of the door, it is more easier and convenient for people to operate on it, and everyone can use it and save time on finding a key.

Meanwhile it has its disadvantage. Because of its convenient turning mechanism on the inside, the turning knob or handle lever is easy to be used by children, and it has the potential risk that children go outside but family members are not aware of.

Advantages and disadvantages of double cylinder lock

Compare with single cylinder lock, double cylinder lock seems to be less convenient than single cylinder lock due to its locking mechanism requiring keys on both the outside and inside of the door, while for this reason, it provides more robust security than single cylinder lock. Because you have to use a key to turn the lock rather than simply turn the knob or handle lever, thieves, and intruders are not allowed to access or leave your home easily as they will not be able to open it without keys.

But its disadvantage comes too, if there is a fire or an emergency, you have to use a key to open the door, if you cannot get the key immediately, it is very difficult to get outside and may have dangers.

TOPLOCK single-cylinder lock and double-cylinder electric rim lock

Same as above mentioned about differences between these two types of lock, an electric rim lock also has a single cylinder and a double cylinder, the pictures shown below, a single cylinder rim lock doesn’t have a cylinder inside, its open way is by pushing a button or turning knob. Double cylinder rim lock has cylinders both inside and outside, the key is required to open the lock. (In this article, we are discussing its mechanical used function. If integrated with a power supply, intercom, and video door phone, both of them can be opened by an electric pulse.)   

While there is another type of double cylinder rim lock with a turning knob or push button, for this type, the inside cylinder is not used to open the lock, the opening way is still only by push button or turning knob, so what is the function of the inside cylinder?

In this case, the inside cylinder provides two functions related to the push button:

(1)Lock the push button. Insert the key into the inside cylinder, turn it, then the push button is locked, that

The advantage of this function is providing more security inside, for example, it prevents the children to open the lock and go outside without supervision, and locking the button can be safer.

Yet what needs to pay attention is that, if the button is locked, but people inside the door don’t get a key, they cannot open it until someone opens the door outside. This feature is a very good one for kids’ supervision.

(2)Passage function. Press the button, at the same time insert the key into an inside cylinder then turn it, the button is locked in an “embedded” position. This is an option in the lock to disable the auto lock system, so keep the door open as per need.

The advantage is that you can keep the door open and no need to open it time by time when in the family or in the office. The disadvantage is that there is a risk that people leave home and close the door but actually the lock is still in opening status.

Both a single-cylinder lock and a double-cylinder lock have its advantage and disadvantages we analyzed above, so it is hard to define which type is better. Generally, it depends on which type will be the best fit for your home when you use it.