The lock protected us in ancient times, ancestors tie a rope outside and lock it with a special knot, using a unique bone rasp to open it. As time passed, the lock developed tracking: wooden bolt, three spring lock, blade lock, spring lock, and digital lock. As Toplock only produce electric lock, today we share some information about electric door lock. There are thousands of locks in the market today, how to choose the best electric for your home? I think it’s a question for all consumers, we will consider as below request.

  1. The using environment and scene

As known, the request for outdoor door locks is more critical than indoor locks. Using outside, the electric lock must be waterproof and dust-proof, otherwise, the electric lock would be damaged easily or lead to a short lifetime. Suppose it’s raining outside, the electric lock is not waterproof, the lock will be burned when any water seeps into the electrical components, the worst situation is the lock breaking and electrical leaking, it’s dangerous for users.

The decorative nature of the environment

Nobody wants a lock that doesn’t match the house decoration, image a black lock installed in a totally white home, must want to change it immediately.

The family members’ demand

The door lock installation on a gate door, it’s must be convenient to use for each family member.

The price of locks

The electric lock quality is proportional to price, the best electric locks are also the most expensive locks. But the economic strength of each home is different, the best locks are not suitable for all homes.

Knowing how to choose an electric door lock, will help us to analyze the Toplock electric door lock for home.

Toplock electric rim lock

Toplock electric rim lock is the most convenient door lock for all markets, even though each market has its own general configuration, for example, some countries use 5 pcs brass computer keys, not our normal Yale keys; some countries need the lock without release button as the government security request; some countries prefer nickel coating to black color, other countries only want black color. By configuring different parts and different colors, the electric rim lock can be found in each corner of the earth.

Open by keys, door phone system, and intercom system by electrical door exit push button, multiple open methods could be convenient for all home members, especially the children and elderly people. As most of the inside door lock parts are metal, only the electric coil is for electrical impulses, so even if it’s not water-proof, the electric rim lock uses mostly for gates and fences outside, usually these doors are iron doors and aluminum doors. In some countries, the users request to add an extra rain cover to provide water spray as double insurance. The price is also quite competitive by comparing with other kinds of electric locks, and easy to repair while the coil can not work.

Toplock electric magnetic lock

The most common electric door lock in security systems could be worked with most access control, no matter home or a public place. Actually, using it in public places is more common, if used at home, the usage scenes are similar to the electric rim lock. The most common types are 180kg, 280kg, and 500kg, 180kg, and 280kg electric magnetic locks are used for lightweight doors and not high-security places after all the holding force is 180kg/280kg, and a strong man can bump the door lock open if want to break into. 500kg electric magnetic lock has a stronger holding force and can not easily break away. And it’s easy to add a lock signal feedback function and door status feedback signal, even an alarming function and door close time delay function

The main material of the magnetic shell case is aluminum, as the price is cheap and no rust. But for a more critical environment, the shell case could use stainless steel, price is higher, because not only the stainless steel price is higher than aluminum, but also the production process. As the lock structure advantage, the magnetic lock could make 100% water-proof and dust-proof. And good thing is that even add more functions, the unit price doesn’t raise a lot.

Toplock electric motorize lock

The best keyless entry solution, with an integrated card reader sensor, is easy to upgrade from the traditional rim lock to the smart door lock system, as the shape is similar to the rim lock. Most electric motorize locks use scenes inside the house or doors with canopies to prevent water, as too much wire and electronic components inside, water seeping will cost short circuits easily. Toplock also could wrap up the printed circuit board with glue, but still can not be IP 68 water-proof. Few electric motorize lock with high-quality shell case material is 304 stainless steel rather than iron shell case for harsh environments.

Various functions could be set as request, alarm, lock time, time delay, add/delete user card, etc. for example, the factory set is alarm beeping when the door opens and close, beeping sound is quite annoying, so it can be set as the mute mode by infrared control setting pad. All functions are original factory settings, so the unit price is stable.

Toplock electric bolt lock

Paten designed an electric door lock with a special shape and strong holding force door lock type. The electric bolt lock use sence is also inside the home, mostly used for glass doors or sliding doors. The deadbolt is almost invisible, not affecting the whole decoration. Compared to the old style, Toplock electric bolt lock is more durable, the max. life test is 2.5 million times, test time is over 4 months. The extra function is similar to electromagnetic lock, time delay, and signal feedback, it’s quite suitable for building system security. In 2023, Toplock created a new model of bolt lock, price is lower than the former series, and customers can choose as needed.

Toplock four series electric door lock is illustrated, each door locks have its features. There is always a lock for home and family.