With the fast development of automation and biotechnology, door exit and door entry are not only by mechanical keys like the traditional ways, keys to turn on the lock cylinder, but multiple choices just beyond your imagination, in the security business also called keyless entry solutions, RFID card, password code, fingerprint, QR code, even most popular mobile phone, etc. These devices are connected to the intercom system by wires and the internet. The access control for access authority checking, the central panel or computer for data process and send an open or close signal to the access control, at last, the electric lock act to open and close the door. The access control keypad is essential, but I think the critical part is the electric locks, the electric door lock can be known as two parts, first door lock, then electricity, door lock part blocks the intruders outside to protect the people and property inside, electricity part to respond to the instruct from the access control system.

Now we didn’t talk about electric locks can be seen everywhere like electric rim locks and electromagnetic locks, but a special lock series, the electric strike, this strike lock is widely used in Europe and America. I personally, don’t classify the electric strike as a door lock, but as a part of the electric lock. Because the strike can both achieve to open and close a door and control by electric access control, but the electric strike can not work solo, it must be with another door lock with a latch/lock tongue such as a knob lock, mortise lock, level handle lock, panic exit lock, etc. The usage of the electric strike is to only replace the keeper of the mechanical door lock, to reach the purpose of door automation. That means no need to change the full-set lock, still, keep the former open way by keys but add another keyless entry, saving the risk of door damage, and most importantly, the upgradation cost is much cheaper, who doesn’t want to cost less, and achieve more?

Electric strike locks have two open ways, NO and NC. NO electric strike – the strike is normally open and closed when power is energizing, also called fail-safe. NC electric strike – the is normal close and open when power is energizing, also called fail-secure. NC electric strike is suitable for more door lock installation conditions, saving energy and economizing.

Here I take some installation places as examples, different entry solutions and access request lead to the use of different strikes. In a fire protection security system, the electric strike lock must require NO function, when the fire breaks out, the electric circuit is interrupted, and the door must be open for escape. In the high-security requirement place where few people go in and out, such as the file room or computer room, the electric strike is NC function, to make sure the door is kept closed when electric power is off or accidents occur.

From the google search result, you will be surprised by the wide variety of electric strike models, different sizes, shapes, functions, and also different brands, of course, it increases the difficulty of the electric strike installation.

How to choose the right electric strike for replacement?

Most of the electric lock installation is embedded installation, the whole lock is hidden in the door frame and fixed by the surface place. For the new strike installation of wood doors or metal doors, the electric lock installation process is necessary, we can follow the installation steps as below. Regarding the old strike replacement, the simplest method is to replace the electric strike lock with the same size and same function (electric strike lock). Take the old electric strike lockout, and measure the dimension of the lock body, length of latch/open angle, and distance of screw holes, get all information for matching a new electric strike lock perfectly. Same size, meaning that no need for extra dig/enlarging the installation hole and latch hole, just fit the lock body in. Same function, meaning the same wire connection. Then you can finish the old electric strike installation replacement.

How to install a new strike?

1. Use a pencil or installation stick to position the electric strike latch break and electric strike lock the body

2. Cut the installation hole and work on it with a chisel and chainsaw

3. Put the electric strike lock in to adjust the latch distance and mark the electric strike surface plate screw hole position with a pencil, drill them with an electric drill

4. Connect the wire as bellow picture

5. Fix the strike lock surface plate and do the final test before the electric strike installation accomplished

How to install a new strike lock with an extension plate?

1. Use a pencil or installation stick to position the electric strike lock shape including the strike latch, and strike lock body, and strike the surface place

2. Cut the installation hole and latch hole with a chisel and chainsaw

3. Put the electric strike lock in for adjusting the electric strike latch distance, then use the extension plate to mark or position the electric strike fixed screw hole on a surface plate, drill the screw hole with an electric drill

4. Connect the wire

5. Fix the extension plate, tight the strike lock to the extension plate, then do the final test before the electric strike installation accomplished

How to connect the wire of the electric strikes?

Take the NC electric strike installation and power supply connection as a sample, two wires connection (12V/GND) is 12V with 12V+, GND with GND, five wires connection (12V/GND/NO/NC/COM) is for 12V and GND is same as two wire lock, NO/NC/COM is for lock status magnetic signal feedback which could send a signal back to the access control panel indicate the lock open or close status. If no signal feedback in the access control system, the 3 wires could leave no connection, which doesn’t affect the working of the electric strike.

Attention points during electric strike installation.

1. In a complex security system, each control panel will control several locks, and the strike would be easy to damage due to unstable voltage. In this status, our suggestion is to put an extra power supply for each lock individually.

2. When the strike lock is closed, leave 1~2mm space between the mechanical latch and the strike latch. The space can protect the strike latch from getting stuck.

Toplock as a professional electric lock factory, we have more than 20 types of electric strikes. Normal series in the security system use, such as 67mm electric strike, 90mm electric strike, and 75mm electric strike, also could with additional memory open function, mechanical open device. Toplock electric strike lock could connect in most intercom building access control systems. There is always a lock suitable for you to secure your building.