–How to pick a lock easily?

Nowadays electric access control systems or security systems are widely used to protect people’s personal and property safety, meanwhile providing access with ease. When it comes to these systems, the following electronic locks are usually the necessary parts.

Magnetic door lock, electric rim lock, electric rim door lock, electric strike, electric bolt lock, exit switch, digital code lock, etc.

How to pick these locks for your systems?

Magnetic door lock

You need to know the critical parts of the magnetic door lock and their quality criteria of them.

Usually, for picking a suitable magnetic door lock, you need to consider the holding force, which depends on the loop qty wound on the electromagnet, and the coil material, the strength of the electric current.

The coil material

The coil is the critical part constituting a magnetic door lock, where electromagnetism is produced. Usually, coils are made of copper wire, copper-clad aluminum wire, or aluminum wire, the quality and prices decline according to the sequence.

TOPLOCK provides either copper-clad aluminum coil or copper coil for different holding forces. The aluminum coil has a relatively lower quality and produces less suction, so TOPLOCK doesn’t choose it for their locks.

The coil loop quantity

Besides the coil material, the quantity of the coil loop also affects the electric current, and accordingly affects the holding force. Take 280kg for example, usually on market many manufacturers only wind about 200~300 loops, while TOPLOCK winds 380~450 loops.

The electric current

As for the electric current, though a larger current can somewhat increase the holding force, it also causes more heat and affects the lifespan of the lock. So when you choose a lock, you should strike a balance between current and holding force. TOPLOCK locks are produced with the current within the most widely-accepted range.

The lock size

If you need higher holding force without overheating, choose the right sizes. Different lock sizes are usually related to different holding forces too. TOPLOCK supplies magnetic door locks from mini size to heavy-duty size, providing from 60kgf to 1200kgf holding force options.

Besides the coil, you should also review the other parts of the magnetic door lock, like:

The electromagnet

An electromagnet is usually made of laminated silicon steel. Some manufacturers just stack these laminated steels together to save processing costs. This would affect the magnetic effect. TOPLOCK produces electromagnets with annealed silicon steel to firm the internal lock body.

The lock housing

To save the cost, some magnetic door lock housings are made out of recycled materials, and the post operations like deburring or finishing are omitted. But TOPLOCK insists on using the new aluminum alloy with anodized oxidation, to ensure the lock’s strength and protection. Dedication to details of the elaborated appearance and better user experience is always another aim TOPLOCK seeks.

If you’re looking for additional functions to your systems, the magnetic door lock can also provide feedback signal output, time delay, buzzer alarm, water-proof protection, etc.

Where you can use the magnetic door lock?

It’s the most suitable for metallic, wooden, PVC, and glass doors in public areas, escaping passages, offices, or institutional buildings, where emergency releasing is required because it will unlock when the power is off. On the other hand, this can be one of the disadvantages, because security can’t be assured when the electricity in the building is cut off.

Electric rim lock

Different from magnetic door locks mainly for commercial and institutional use, electric rim locks is widely accepted for residential use for decades.

An electric rim lock is durable and reliable, able to integrate into the intercom, surveillance, and access control systems. It’s also the most economic for home automation. It can be installed on almost any type of door such as wooden, aluminum, or steel door. PVC doors, etc., except the glass door.

How to pick an electric rim lock?

The coil is the critical part. You can choose copper coil, copper-clad aluminum coil, or aluminum coil. Again, TOPLOCK still sticks on the first two types, to provide a better electric current, and to be suitable for different cable specs.

Besides the coil, the cylinders-whether solid or hollowed, brass or zinc alloy; the housing-whether thick (1.5mm~2.0mm) or thin (0.9mm~1.2mm); the knob or push button-whether brass or iron; the screws-whether iron or stainless steel; the finish-whether powder coating, painting, or electroplating; the key-whether brass or iron, yale or computerized pattern; all have an impact on the lock quality and cost. You can decide with your budget. TOPLOCK has been manufacturing this lock for almost 20 years, exporting them to over 30 countries worldwide, and can offer professional suggestions for your plans or your markets.

Nowadays electric rim lock can be used with TUYA or other mobile apps to achieve remote control, so it’s high cost-effective solution for your buildings.

Electric rim door lock

Acting as both auto door lock and mechanical lock, the electric rim door lock is very popular in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. If you’re from these markets, it’s a good option for residential or commercial use. It’s also suitable for almost any type of door such as wooden, metallic door, PVC doors, etc., except the glass door.

The motor is the core of the electric rim door lock. For cheap electric rim door locks, most of the motors are plastic with short long life. The better motor for this lock is the stepping motor with a long service time, which TOPLOCK is using for their electric rim door locks. The elaborated interior gearing structure and well-designed quality PCB, like what TOPLOCK locks have, can also tell you how to identify a quality lock.

This lock can be locked and unlocked by key, RFID card/tag, metal knob/push button, remote control, mobile apps, etc. It provides you with multiple ways to open and allow for mass users. Thus, it’s especially welcomed in rental buildings, apartments, or condominiums.

Electric strike

An electric strike is used commonly in building indoor entry and intercom building systems, such as office doors, and room doors, and working with knob lock or level lock.

Furthermore, it’s also a great choice for security system upgrades, only need to replace the small case of the mechanical lock with the electric strike. Then this door can be monitored by systems, opened by electric pushbutton/access control keypads, and still keeps mechanical open for backup in case of emergency. So electric strike is often matched with mechanical latch bolt locks.

How to pick an electric strike? 

TOPLOCK electric strike TL110/ TL150/TL250 type are all stainless-steel plate, zinc latch with at least 2500N force, brass coil lower consumption and longer lifetime, different lock body size, with a different plate for all market. 100% coil test during production and QC checking are done before shipping.

The voltage

12V DC and 12V AC voltage are options. 12V DC is the most common type and can work with the existing system very well. In the meantime, 12V AC is also specially requested sometimes, as AC input is more powerful than DC. For example, in some place power voltage is not stable or weak, if using 12V DC, the power may not enough to open, but 12V AC can make sure to open in this case.

The mechanical unlocking function

Mechanical unlocking is the lock keeps open once the lock is open by pushing the button/switch once. The normal function is to push the button/switch for the door open, then hand it off, door closed immediately. You can imagine that the left-hand push the button/switch, and the right hand must push the door open at once, if the not act on time, the door closed. The lock has a mechanical unlocking function, the door will always unlock before going out/in with just one push, very convenient for people with stuff in hand.

The passage function

The passage function is that strike can be opened from either side at all times. The inside knob/lever is always free for immediate egress. Quite commonly used in public places requires free entry at working time, and limited entry after that.

Electric bolt lock

The electric bolt lock is a kind of door lock opened and closed by a bolt, also called an electric drop bolt lock. TOPLOCK types are designed for all kinds of wooden doors and metallic doors. TL181/TL182 is for embedded installation, TL183/TL184 is for mortise installation, and TL185 is with a bracket special for frameless glass doors or office doors.

You may say that electric magnetic door locks can use more commonly in intercom building systems, why should I pick an electric bolt lock? Because it has the following features:

Hidden Installation

Electric deadbolt lock TL181/TL182/TL184 types are all embedded installation, only need to cut two holes, a big one for the bolt lock body and a small one for the deadbolt. The lock body is hidden in the door frame, and only a 14mm 304 stainless steel bolt reaches out if the door lock. It’s used for glass office doors, aluminum gate doors, swing doors, slide doors, etc. Easy installation and hard to pry.

Strong Holding Force

As the bolt is 304 stainless steel, TOPLOCK electric drop lock can hold stronger force, TL181/TL182/TL183/TL185 surface plate is aluminum, tensile force is at least 800kg, TL184 surface plate is 304 stainless steel, tensile force is at least 1000kg. It’s much stronger than a heavy 500kg electromagnetic lock.

Wide Voltage range

TOPLOCK electric bolt lock designs for 12VDC to 24VDC, wide voltage can protect the lock from burning or not opening caused by voltage instability. The normal electric magnetic lock can only open single voltage 12VDC or 24VDC. For example, a lock uses power 12VDC, if the unstable voltage is up to 16VDC/20VDC, the electric lock will burn or short lock lifetime. Wide voltage can make the sure door is open and does not burn.

Low Consumption

The Standby current off TOPLOCK electric bolt is 110mA/180mA, compared to the normal operating current of an electric magnetic lock 420mA/560mA, saving 2x time electricity cost.

Besides the above differences between the electric drop lock and magnetic door lock, TOPLOCK locks have the advantages listed below:

  1. Long lifetime, 50,000 lifetimes tested, max 2,500,000, high quality, longer life can help you to save purchasing costs and after-sales service.
  2. Low temperature, special structure, and all metal components with the copper coil lead to good heat dissipation.
  3. Shine nickel plating, thick zinc alloy lock cover with bright nickel, elegant design for various environments.

Exit switch

Exit switches are the necessary partners for access control systems. They can be mechanical, infrared, touch or mobile app controlled. They help the locks open with ease in multiple ways. No-touch models can especially protect people from the touching-transmitted virus. If you’re picking locks, it’s suggested that you match exit switches with them.

Digital code lock

Digital code lock is an easy-installed & security lock, that provides apartments, houses, offices, factories, commercial buildings, etc. with reliable protection.

How to pick a digital code lock? You should consider the following aspects:

Keyless entry

Unlocking the door without a key can free your hands especially when they are full of groceries.

One-time access code & an automatic locking

Give visitors a one-time access code to your place while you are out. TOPLOCK digital code lock with keypad also allows setting the door to automatically lock after certain seconds.

Easy Installation & Programming

TOPLOCK digital code lock includes necessary hardware components and an elaborated manual. You can install and program this electronic door lock all by yourself.

Durability and security:

Durable mechanical and electronic features won’t let you disappointed; When you look for quick unlocking, ip54 rating, long-term durability, anti-peeping user code protection, low battery indicator, solid deadbolt cylinder, and fine metal construction, TOPLOCK digital code lock can be your suitable choice.

Well-designed appearance

TOPLOCK digital code door lock offers the brushed silver or black painting, satin nickel plating, oil Rubbed Bronze finish for option. Different shapes decorate traditional or modern home styles.