Electric magnetic lock is a popular electric door lock series beloved by customers, and widely used in security systems for door access.

Why could an electro magnetic lock be locked? The point is that the electricity transforms to electromagnetism, the mainstream material of the magnetic lock body part is silicon steel plates or iron plates,  and the coil is round with plates, then using glue to house the plate and coil together. This is the magnetism part. The electric current pass through the magnetism part and magnetic force is created,  the lock will be linked to the steel plate, also called the armature plate. This is the basic principle of the electric magnetic lock, and it could be categorized as installation method, linear force, function, etc.

Electromagnetic Lock classification:

  1. Way of installation method, mortise installation, and embedded installation. Mortise installation, fix the electric magnetic lock hanging plate with door frame for mounted installation. Embedded installation, tuck the magnetic lock in the hollow installation hole, and screw it in the door frame.

2. The weight of holding force, in mini electro magnetic lock is 60kg, normal magnetic lock series is 180kg, 280kg, 320kg, and 380kg, this electric magnetic lock is the most common series, and heavy magnetic lock is 500kg. And the double door lock holding force is twice.

3. Used for doors, single magnetic lock and double magnetic lock, magnetic lock system electro magnetic lock for doors including wooden doors, iron doors, aluminum doors, glass doors with frame, frameless glass door lock, etc.

4. Additional function classification

a. Door close time delay, the electromagnetic lock closed time can be set up in the inserted PCB. The door leaf will swing or bound when the door bumps, the door delay close time second is for door adjustment.

b. Led light indication, 60kg, and partial 180kg are not designed with led light. Other types are with light.

c. Signal feedback is the most useful function in magnetic lock system electro magnetic lock for doors. There are two types of signal functions that could be added. One is only electric magnetic lock signal feedback, also 5 wire, the other is door status signal feedback, also 8 wires. Lock signal feedback components are integrated into the magnetic lock body, except the 2 wires for power connection, the other 3 wires- COM, NO, NC for the sensor signal line, NO+COM, NC+COM connection are for two opposite signals, one is for open signal and the other is for close signal, if no need this signal, just leave the 3 wire alone; if need the signal feedback is received by access control keypad and could be seen in the access control keypad. Door status signal feedback, the magnetic signal detector is in the electric magnetic lock body and a magnetic in armature plate, and the door signal of open and close is also sent to the access control keypad.

d. Waterproof, seal the printed circuit board and magnetism part in the shell case, which could reach IP68 certification waterproof and dustproof.

After analyzing the function and structure of electromagnetic lock, and what is the magnetic lock system electromagnetic lock for doors?

The electric magnetic lock is only the lock, the open and close instructions are from the door access system. Here is the wiring diagram of the magnetic lock system electromagnetic lock for the door, including the power supply, access controller, doorbell, door release button, and electromagnetic lock.

Door lock installation also affects the work status of the magnetic lock system electromagnetic lock for the door, below are some items of installation notice.

  1. The installation angle between the electric magnetic lock and door frame is 90 degrees, it could exert the max. pulling force.

2. As the electro magnetic lock force is linear force, no matter whether mounted installation or hidden installation, it requests the magnetic lock and armature to work “face to face” to make sure 100% suction.

3. The electro magnetic lock needs to be installed inside the door, and it will be a risk of being exposed outside. And the electric connection wire would be better to conceal in the door frame. If used for the inward swing door, the auxiliary bracket will be fixed with LZ and Z brackets.

4. The surface of the armature plate and the magnetism surface must be completely aligned, if not match perfectly, not only the force of the magnetic lock would be the effect, but also the magnetism signal detector inside can not discover whether the door is closed or locked.

5. Any space between the magnetic lock and the armature plate will greatly reduce the holding force, so the steel plate can not screw tight to the door leaf, using a “rubber spacer” to let the plate could adjust a little, to make sure the two surfaces meet perfectly.

The below items are the points of attention, for more installation detailed steps could refer to the article: https://toplocksecurity.com/how-to-install-a-magnetic-lock-a-guide/

Toplock electric magnetic locks are contained different holding force series, 60kg (130lbs), 180kg (300lbs), 280kg (600lbs), 320kg (700lbs), 500kg(1200lbs), and could be worked in all door types. Here is one of the combinations of Toplock door lock and access control keypad, if you have ideas to share with Toplock, could leave a message here.