DH80-B Black Stainless Steel Door Stopper Magnetic Door Stop

TOPLOCK door holders made of stainless steel are the best for your door and wall. These magnetic door stops constructed of high-quality SUS 201 or SUS304 by precise machine cutting and fine surface finishing, can hold your door open firmly even there’s a strong wind.


Product Paremeter

Product Detail:?
Finish ColorBlack (Silver, Gold, Ross Gold, etc. optional)
Main Stem Length80mm
Base Diameter48mm
Armature Diameter35mm
MaterialSUS201 or SUS304
CustomizationSize, pattern, color, logo, etc.



1) Long-lasting service life with a strong magnet to hold the door open.
2) Suitable for different door materials with different weights.
3) Built with stainless steel to resist rust, erosion, scratches, and wears.
4) Flexible mounting options for wall or floor mounting.

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