DH80-S Silver Stainless Steel Magnetic Door Stopper Wall Mount Door Holder Floor Mount Door Catch

The magnetic door holders are an efficient way to hold doors to an open position. TOPLOCK specially fabricate the door stoppers with stainless steel to suit wide range of wet situation.
They are allowed for either wall mount or floor mount as you like.


Product Paremeter

Product Detail:?
Finish ColorSilver (Black, Gold, Ross Gold, etc. optional)
Main Stem Length80mm
Base Diameter48mm
Armature Diameter35mm
MaterialSUS201 or SUS304
CustomizationSize, pattern, color, logo, etc.



1) Strong magnet to hold the door open steadily.
2) Soft-catch spring-loaded to prevent damage.
3) Applicable to most surfaces and occasions.
4) Multiple finishes to match your doors.
5) Made of high-quality stainless steel for sturdy and rust-resistance.

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