FL62-S Silver Floor Door Stopper Magnetic Door Latch Invisible Door Holder

Toplock floor door stoppers with concealed designs are the perfect match for doors. Their functions like anti-kick, anti-collision, and unbound space planning make them well-received by customers worldwide.


Product Paremeter

Product Detail:?
Finish ColorSilver (Black, Gold, Ross Gold, etc. optional)
Overall Length62mm
Base Thickness5mm
Armature Height30mm
CustomizationSize, pattern, color, logo, etc.



1) Standard SUS304 ensures a long life span.
2) Classic design meets customers’ demands: quiet, waterproof, scratches & corrosion resistance.
3) Suitable for windy area to keep airflow in the house without the inevitable heavy slamming of the door.
4) Strong magnetic force to hold the door open stably.

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