Auto locking, fake pin code, one-time Pin code function

3 ways to unlock: PIN Code Unlock, turning knob and pushbutton inside.

Alarm sound, flash red and lockout keypad for 3 mins after 10 incorrect attempts

20 programmable access code capacity, easy to add & remove codes



Product Paremeter

MaterialExterior assembly: ABS, interior assembly:ABS
Keypad TypeBacklit push button
Bolt Typedeadbolt latch
Door OpenPassword, turning knob, pushbutton
Code CapacityMaster code x1
User code x20
Code Length4-10 digits
Override CylinderN/A
Voice GuideN/A
Working VoltageDC 6V
Emergency Power PortMicro USB
Door Prep Size32mm
Door Thickness30-50mm
IP ratingIP43
Key WayN/A
IndicatorLocking/unlocking/low battery
IoT ConnectionN/A
Additional ModeAway mode
Exterior assembly1
Interior assembly1
Mounting plate1
Screw pack1



Electric digital code deadblot lock for keyless entry solution, issue up to 20 user codes, especially for kids or the elders. Replace mechanical deadbolt lock, works perfectly with existed knob lock and lever hanld lock. Easy to install and program, package includes necessary hardware components and detailed manual, install and program this electronic door lock by screwdriver.

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