Wholesale Electric Rim Door Lock/ Electric Motor Lock TL06-DS

1. Double cylinders electric motor lock for commercial hotel doors.
2. Nickel plating Durable and practical electric rim motor locks, opened by keys or electric pulse
3. Intelligent electric motorized rim lock with low noise, self-closing lockable, high sensitivity sensor, stepping motor, door status auto-detect feature.
4. Besides being a good choice for commercial hotels doors locks, this series of electric motor locks are also suitable for residential buildings, offices, schools, factories, warehouses, etc., and can be used with electronically controlled anti-theft security doors.


Product Paremeter

FinishingNickel plating
CylinderDouble cylinders
MotorStepping motor
Locking wayBy magnet induction
Unlock wayBy keys, electric pulse
Lock size131.5L * 100W * 43H (mm)
Start current350mA
Standby current25mA
Operating temp-20℃ ~ +55℃ (-4℉ ~ 131℉)
Operating humidity0 ~ 90% (Non condensing)
Cycles test500, 000 operations
Suitable forresidential buildings, offices, schools, factories, warehouses, etc., and can be used with electronic controlled anti-theft security door


Electric Motor Locks TL06-DS Size



1. Automatically lock by the magnetic sensor, high sensitivity sensor, low noise lock, great satisfaction choice for a commercial hotel door lock.

2.The length of the lock tongue>20mm, meet GA/T73-94 5.1.6B standard.

3. Stepping motor lock, more stable and longer life (more than 500,000 cycles)

4. The electric motor lock series automatically detects the door status, and automatic process to open and close the door.

5. If don’t push the door after unlocking it, automatically locked again in 6 seconds.

7. Low energy consumption, environmentally friendly electric motor lock.

8. Compatible with building system of entrance guard system, etc.

9. Motor locks are suitable for all types of wooden doors and metal doors, universal for left, right, inward, and outward opening doors.

10. Widely used in intelligent communities, factories, warehouses, base stations, building intercoms, and intelligent access control systems.

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