Normal type, suitable for commercial and residential door
Die-Cast aluminum body and corrosion-resistant

Two valve adjustment to incorporate closing and latching speed

Applicable to single door with the maximum width of 1050mm and door weight of 60-85kg.



Product Paremeter

MaterialAluminum alloy
Size206L * 44.5W * 69H (mm)
Width of door max1050mm
Weight of door max60-85kg
Buffer functionNo
Open angle max180º
Closing speedSpeed 1: 180°~15°; Speed 2: 15°~0°
Operating temp-20℃ ~ +45℃ (-4℉ ~ 113℉)
Cycles test500, 000 operations
Suitable forWooden door, metal door, anti-fire door



Door closer is installed at the top of the door leaf with single opening, it can ensure that the door is accurately and timely closed to the initial position after it is opened. Applicable to wooden door, steel door and fire door. General fire prevention, airtight, thermal insulation and other special requirements of the door must be installed door closer. The fire door closers keep the door closed in the event of a fire, preventing the spread of the fire.

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