304 stainless steel case, anti-vandal access control keypad

Digital backlit keypad

2000pcs RFID card, 200pcs code password capacity

Open by card, code, and card + code

WG26 input/output

Waterproof IP68 option for outdoor

Used with electric rim lock, electromagnetic lock, electric motor lock-in intercom system.



Product Paremeter

Material304 stainless steel case
Product dimension150L * 46W *25H (mm)
User capacity: 2000 users IC/ID card, 200 user password
Card TypeEM card/125KHz; Mifare card/13.56MHz optional
Identification SpeedLess than 0.1s
Operating distance<14cm
Protocol: Wiegand 26
Led indicationGreen light backlit
WaterproofIP 68 option
Operating temp-30¡æ ~ 60¡æ?(22¨H ~ 140¨H)
Operating humidity20% ~ 90%


intercom system access keypad tl 810


Completely independent access control for security system, directly through RFID card management, also could work with exit button and doorbell input. Wiegand output /input, support external Wiegand card reader or use as an access reader. Reader sensor with high sensitivity, less than 0.1 seconds. High-quality zinc alloy materials, with tamper alarm and door sensor alarm functions.

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