Emergency Fire Break Glass Door Release Exit (Red) TLB32-M

TLB32-M Emergency Fire Break Glass Door Release Exit (Red) helps to evacuate people in emergency situations. It is an necessary safety tool in public places.



Product Paremeter

Dimension86L x 86W x 52H (mm)
Standard structureFlame retardant ABS housing with acrylic panel
Current rating3A@36VDC Max
Output contactNC/COM/NO
Mechanical lifespan100000 tested max.
Feature-To break the acrylic panel to open
-To install another glass panel for reuse (glass panel acts like a switch. This is regarded as manually reset)
Suitable for doorSingle exit door, single emergency door
Operating temp.10 – +55 (14-131F)
Operating humidity0-95% (relative humidity)
PackagingWhite box + English Instruction Manual + Master Carton



1)Suitable for exit door and emergence door;

2)Made from the fire-proof material, convenient and safe for use;

3)Reset automatically, open & close (need order);

4)Different colors for option and pattern.

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