ZL Type Electro Magnetic (EM) Lock Brackets

Adjustable ZL bracket for inward door application. Includes one Z bracket and one L bracket for mounting on inswing doors. The Z bracket consists of two parts and is adjustable for flexible positioning of the armature plate.


Product Paremeter

180Z: 130*53*43 mm;

280Z: 180*50*50 mm;

320Z: 158*53*43 mm;

500Z: 185*60*61 mm;

180L: 170*37*23 mm;

280L: 250*47*30 mm;

320L: 246*55*30 mm;

500L: 266*72*51 mm;

Material: aluminum alloy;

Application: Used for armature plate on the upper part of the door leaf.



1) Easy to install and convenient to use;

2) For inswing or outswing doors, single or double doors;

3) Special aluminum, firm and durable;

4) No need to hunt for additional parts – complete Z-L Mounting Bracket Kit;

5) Special design, suitable with wooden door, metal door, aluminum door, fireproof door, etc.

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