Electric rim lock and digital code deadbolt lock is the very common types in our daily life.

The rim lock is a kind of lock mounted on the door surface, which is the traditional lock type in the UK and Ireland, can be traced back to the Medieval period, and become the most common type from the 17th to 19th century. The lock structure usually includes a single lever and sliding bolt, a single lever for locking and opening, sliding bolt for back locking inside. The locks are used for protecting lower or middle security, but not for high security. Nowadays, millions of rim locks are still installed on exterior gates, like gates outside of buildings, house front doors, and garden doors.

The deadbolt, also called deadlock is a kind of lock that can only open by keys or handles, quite different from the spring bolt lock. It has been found since before the 19th century, and its structure doesn’t change a lot till now. It uses together with a knob lock/lever lock on the exterior gate and with the electric magnetic lock on the anti-fire door and uses individually on the bathroom door, and cabinet/closet door. The deadbolt is a perfect complement to the spring-bolt lock in the entry system, providing additional security for the home.

The rim lock and deadbolt lock above are both mechanical locks, Nowadays as the development of biometric technology and the Internet, pushes the change of security entry systems. People like to try different opening ways, such as fingerprint, facial-recognition RFID cards, TT/NFC/TUYA by mobile phone, etc. So Toplock has electric rim locks and digital deadbolt locks, here listed the specifications of these two locks to help you to choose the right one.

1. Different structure, different after-sales cost.

The electric rim lock is powered by electricity 12v ac/dc, and the structure inside is more like a mechanical lock but adds a coil for access control system connection. Even if the coil is burning down, as long as the mechanical parts are still working, its lifetime can last for more than ten years. Compare to a smart digital lock, the unit price is cheaper, and the repair cost is also cheap, just replace the coil and adjust the open bar.

The digital deadbolt lock is powered by DC 6V (4AA battery), and the structure inside is more like a smart lock with PCB and chips inside and operates by different programs. Repairment requests skilled technical staff and electronic components. If maintenance is kept, its lifetime also could be 10 years.

2. Different usage places, different security system

The electric rim lock is connected by an electric wire and worked in the intercom system with the access control/door exit button, to achieve different opening methods. Working in building systems, placed on the exterior gates, garden/yard doors, etc, usually the door is made of iron or aluminum.

The Digital deadbolt lock is worked individually, open by fingerprint or digital code lock to achieve keyless entry. Used most in personal home gates, living rooms, etc, the door is usually wooden doors. In some countries, it is also used to complement a rim lock or knob lock like the traditional deadbolt.

3. Different installation

The electric rim lock is mounted installation, details as below picture, need to hide the connecting wire and power supply behind doors, the action takes more time and requires some electric skills.

The digital deadbolt lock is also mounted installation, details as below picture. No wire connection is requested, the installation steps are easier, one screwdriver is needed, and no need for special skills.

Anyway, people have different needs and usage habits, so you can choose the right lock as needed.