The China Import and Export Fair is well known as Canton Fair by most of the Chinese and foreign people. The word “Canton” means “Guangzhou”, the city that holds the trade fair. It is held in spring and autumn every year in Guangzhou since the first was held in the spring of 1957. Each year two sessions(spring and autumn), each session with three phases. Each phase will be displayed by different industries and different products for 5 days.

The trade fair includes almost everything in business trade that import and export to China, more than 25,000 exhibitors attend this event held in Guangzhou every year. Because of the large scale of the products displayed and the large number of participating manufacturers, it attracts many foreign buyers to participate in the fair.

Canton Fair is the oldest, largest, and most representative international trade fair in China. Since the first held in the spring of 1957, China has held its 133rd Canton Fair in the spring of 2023. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Canton Fair was postponed in 2020, it slowed down the international trading communication. The 133rd Canton Fair was the first trade event after China’s opening up,  it makes this event much more popular, active, and full of expectations.

Toplock attends Canton Fair and CPSE (China Public Security Expo) every year except for those postponed by the covid-19 pandemic. We are a professional electric lock manufacturer in Zhongshan City, specializing in developing, manufacturing, and selling various door locks such as electric rim locks, electric intelligent motorized rim locks, electric magnetic locks, electric bolt locks, electric strikes, access control keypads, exit button and door closer, etc. Covering an area of 8,000M2, we have more than 80 staff with 17 years experience in the door lock industry, especially has advantages in electric locks now.

Digitized automatic equipment and an automatic production line are used in our factory, so to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the products, keep producing good quality products is the key strategy of Toplock. All of our products are compliant with ISO, CE, RoHS, FCC, IP68, Salt test, and lifetime test. 

TOPLOCK has a strong R&D team to design and develop new products to satisfy customers’ demands. We work OEM and ODM for world-renowned brands and leading companies, have exported our locks to countries all over the world, and help customers get positive marketing feedback.

An electric lock is a kind of locking device that is controlled by an electric pulse. We mainly produce electric rim locks, motorized rim locks, magnetic locks, electric bolt locks, electric strikes, exit buttons,s and access control keypads. These products are normally used in access control systems and door entry systems.

An electric rim lock is a popular item of electric lock that is widely used on the main entrance door of residential. Compared with traditional rim locks, an electric rim lock can be used as a mechanical lock, manually opened by keys from outside and by pushing a button from inside, what’s more, it can be opened remotely by low voltage pulse when connecting with an intercom, video door phone, doorbell, exit button, and keypad. The integration of an electric rim lock and this equipment provides more security and convenience for your houses. An electric rim lock is a classic product that we already manufacture for more than 20 years, we have our own stamping workshop, cylinder workshop, and assemble workshop to produce all by ourselves, thus the accuracy of spare parts and the quality is under control.    

Motorized rim lock can be treated as an update of electric rim lock, while its inner structure is different from electric rim lock. The inside of an electric rim lock is mechanical parts with two coils to connect with electricity, but the motorized rim lock is controlled by a motor and with circuit board inside, which provides more technology things on the lock. Motorized rim lock can be opened by keys, a button, and an RFID card, besides, remote control and radar sensor are optional. The advantage of Toplock’s motorized rim lock is (1) a stepping motor is used on the lock, it is more durable and long lifetime. (2) The inner structure is all metal spare parts instead of the plastic structure of other factories. (3) All the locks will be tested before shipment, tested 3 hours, 200 times per hour to guarantee they are in good performance.

The magnetic lock is a fail-safe type of electric lock. There are coils wrapped on silicon plates that are inside the lock body, by giving a power supply to the magnetic lock, the coils will produce magnetism to hold the armature of the lock so that the lock is locked. By cutting off the power supply or giving a low-voltage electric pulse, the magnetic lock is opened. This lock is normally used in anti-fire doors in public and the building intercom system. As said that the lock is held by magnetism, the holding force is the most important thing for magnetic locks, the less holding force it has, the less security provided. Toplock produces standard 60kg, 180kg, 280kg, 320kg, and 500kg magnetic locks, 12VDC/24VDC adjustable, with signal output and time delay optional. All of our magnetic locks are with strong holding force as we have a professional holding force testing machine to monitor holding force.    

Electric bolt lock also called drop bolt lock or solenoid lock. This lock can be fail-safe or fail-secure mode. By giving a power supply or removing the power supply, the bolt of the lock will throw out when the lock is aligned with the magnet plate installed on the door. The electric bolt lock also has a time delay of 0, 3, 6, and 9 seconds and a signal output function to choose, it depends on the customer’s demand. It has surface-mounted models and embedded models to fit wooden doors and metal doors and also has some models to fit glass doors. Toplock’s electric bolt locks are patent design, all fully metal structure, lifetime maximum tested at 250,000 cycles.

The exit button is a product integrated with the electric locks, usually, it is installed near the door and inside of the house. Pressing the exit button will open the lock easily, as the electric current is given to or removed from the lock by the button. Now Toplock produces different kinds of exit buttons, such as mechanical exit buttons, touch exit buttons, and no touch exit buttons.   

The access control keypad is used in electronic locking systems and home security systems. It is a device to allow you to enter without traditional keys but with a Pin code, RFID card, or fingerprint. Keypad is a perfect match product for electric rim lock, magnetic lock, and electric bolt lock, as well as intercom, video door phone, and doorbell. Toplock supplies a standard standalone keypad and IP68 waterproof keypad.

Toplock will keep focusing on producing good and stable quality electric locks for our customers. We are hoping to meet you at the coming autumn Canton Fair and CPSE.