Date: Nov-01-2019

Shenzhen, China, Oct. 28~Oct. 31,2019—TOPLOCK INDUSTRY CO., LTD., showed its strength at the 2019 China Public Security Expo (CPSE). Oct.28~Oct-31 in booth #4T17 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

Visitors had a firsthand look at our new launches: Mini size bolt looks smart and classic, with superior strength zinc alloy, solid stainless-steel bolt. A long lifespan can be as many as a maximum of 2,500,000 cycles. Low temperature ensures safe and durable usage. It deserves visitors’ attention.

A new model of Motorized Rim Lock controlled by cell phone apps is also another superstar lineup at the show, which is convenient, compatible, and up-to-date. With both the English and Chinese operation systems, it would be a good safety partner for condominiums and hotel rooms. No matter for long-term lessees/customers or temporary visitors, its user-friendly system can fulfill the different requirements.

At CPSE, TOP LOCK also showcased its own great and classic electric door locks. The Company also offered an incredible experience for the electric door lock system, which allows visitors to directly understand how the electric door locks and accessories constitute a reliable security system and inspire their own solutions for their customers. Among our Electric Rim Locks, Electromagnetic Locks, Electromotorized Locks, Bolts Locks, Access Control Keypads, Exit Buttons, and mating accessories, visitors can find their unique combinations. From the past 16 years to future continuous years, we only focus on electric lock development and manufacturing. The specialization and concentration in the same industry for years make us the grey hair among the hundreds of thousands of competitors. The Company believes in “We don’t fear to be compared; We fear not to be compared”.

In addition to these great products, TOP LOCK also demonstrates the amazing capabilities of its turnkey or custom-made solutions. Our custom-made Electric Rim Lock showcased at the booth thus attracts a lot of attention and inquiries. “I like this lock. It looks elegant and elaborate, but it’s a shame that it’s exclusive.” Visitors said.

Being amazing are not only the products but The Company Sales Team. A crew of lovely and active girls stood for eight hours every day to welcome the visitors and promote the full products at the booth. Having round and round visitors and customers around, “It feels like my waist and legs can’t afford”, Said Jodi, the most energetic girl who showed off her numerous customer name cards. “And your customer book can’t afford the customer name cards too.” Iris, the young sales manager with 8-year experience in this industry, joked with Jodi with a big smile on her face.

The year 2020 is going to be a fruitful year after this CPSE fair. The Company continues to keep committed to delivering what customers value most: trusted quality, competitive price, after-sales service, and innovative technology.

See you next time in other FAIRs and Expos!