Date: May-08-2020

An electric strike is used commonly in inside building entry and intercom building systems, such as office doors, and room door work with a knob or lever lock, as the cheap cost and easy installation and multiple function options.

Furthermore, it’s also a great choice for a security system upgrade, only needs to replace the small case of the mechanical lock with an electric strike, then this door can be monitored by the system, opened by an electric pushbutton/access control keypad, and still keep mechanical open for backup in case of emergency.

TOP LOCK electric strikes TL110/ TL150/TL250 series are all stainless steel plates, zinc latch with at least 250N force, brass coil lower consumption and longer lifetime, different lock body size, with a different plate for all market. 100% coil test during production and QC checking before shipping, we make sure each piece is the best and most qualified product.

TOPLOCK electric trikes also provide multiple functions for your option:

1.    Multiple voltage options

12V DC and 12V AC voltage are for choosing, 12V DC is the most common type, can work with existed system very well. In the meantime, 12V AC is also specially requested sometimes, as AC input is more powerful than DC. For example, in some places, power voltage is not stable or weak, if the use of 12V DC, power may not enough to open, but 12V AC can make sure to open in this case.

2.    Mechanical unlocking function

Mechanical unlocking is the lock keeps open once the lock is open by pushing the button/switch once. The normal function is push-button/switch for door open, then handoff, door closed immediately. You can imagine that the left-hand push button/switch, the right hand must push the door open at once, if not act on time, door closed. The lock has a mechanical unlocking function, the door will always unlock before going out/in with just one push, very convenient for people with stuff in hand.

3.    Passage function

The passage function is that strike can open from either side at all times.

If you want to try or verify them, please feel free to contact us.