Date: Sep-09-2018

TOPLOCK Electromagnetic Lock, also known as Magnetic Lock, Magnetic Strike, Electric Strike, Magnet Lock, EM Lock, Maglock, Electronic Lock, Electric Lock, consists mainly of a fine aluminum lock body, quality aluminum or copper coil, and iron armature plate with elegant blue zinc plating.

Customers can choose either “Fail Secure” or “Fail-Safe”, 12VDC or 24VDC, various holding forces from 130lbs to 2400lbs, waterproof or non-waterproof, custom-made functions like s-feedback signal output, time delay and buzzer, and so on among TOP LOCK electromagnetic locks. Also, ODM and OEM services are always provided upon request.

TOPLOCK Electromagnetic lock is designed for multiple door types, such as wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, fireproof doors, etc with surface mounting or mortise/hidden installation. Electromagnetic Locks can be widely applied in different locations, like the hospital, subways, banks, intelligent communities, commercial buildings, shopping malls, airports, prisons, etc.

TOPLOCK Electromagnetic Locks are produced through at least 11 major processes and all processes are monitored by the standardized quality control systems (RoHS certified). They are also certified with FCC, CE, IP68, etc. to meet different requirements of different countries or regions.

TOPLOCK has an annual production capability of 700,000 pieces of magnetic locks. We are doing OEM or ODM or semi-products for many top brands. Thus TOPLOCK electromagnetic locks are hot sold in more than 30 countries during these 16 years.