There is a gate for every building, there are wooden gates, iron gates, glass door gates,  Non-paining gates, and high polymer free coating doors,  if used in the monitoring system, there are turnstiles, and fire doors. Each door gate series requests different security levels and door exit and door access purposes and even usage habits of the country, which leads to different types of door locks.

As we can see normally in our daily life, mechanical locks like bored locks, mortise locks, deadbolt locks, level handle locks, knob locks, interconnected locks, etc. Electric locks like electric rim locks, electromagnetic locks, electric motorize rim locks, electric bolt locks electric strikes, etc. Then we will have a question what is the best lock for a gate? Toplock has 17 years experience of electric door lock manufacturer and offers electric lock series solutions for door access control systems, you can easily choose the right lock after knowing what’s electric lock and the advantage and notice of each type.

Electric rim Lock

The electric rim lock was the earliest door lock of Toplock since 2006, also has a common model name as the 1073 series or ANDEL/COUGAR series in the security system business. Toplock 1073 series electric rim lock could be used both indoors or outdoors (could only bear rain splash, not total IP68 waterproof), providing yellow color, gray color, black color, SS -Nickel coating surface treatment. The rim lock could open with mechanical keys, a built-in push button, and electricity. Solid Brass lever latch/ roll latch and solid brass deadbolt latch, a strong holding force for the security access control system. The electric lock quality is tested, and the salt test could max. for 240 hours and 500,000 cycles lifetime test. Stable lock structure for lockdown, but also could adjust as per customer’s request, offering OEM/ODM service.

The advantage of the electric rim lock.

1. Easy to maintain, unless the electric coil could be burned in unstable voltage and abnormal connection, only put lubricating oil for the mechanical components.

2. Simple door lock installation, fixed by screws for wooded door installation, wield for metal door installation, details could refer to

3. Lower cost of electrical renovation, could work with modern door opener and automatic gate opener perfectly.


1. Door lock is closed by collision, so the collision sound is loud.

2. Electric rim lock operation consumption is 3A, fail secure lock-power on to open, higher for access control system or intercom system, to make sure the lock open instantly. Normally, need to put an extra adapter or power supply near the electric rim lock.

3. 2 wires for electric connection, and no door status feedback signal build-in.

Electric motorize rim lock

The Electric motorized lock is a kind of rim lock that opens and locks by RFID card and mechanical keys, commonly used in community gates and fence gates. The lock size and shape are similar to the electric rim door lock, but the inner structure is totally different, the lock tongue is only a deadbolt latch. Besides the mechanical part and motor, the most important component is the PCB, which is the “brain” of the lock, all components like the front sensor and back sensor, the stepping motor, the door exit pushbutton, electric power, door status signal feedback terminal and lock tough signal status feedback terminal are connected by wires to PCB and lock instruction is also sent from it. OEM/ODM service is by adjusting PCB programmer to meet customers’ requests, especially for the gate of bank, prison, signal town, etc.

The advantage of the electric motorize rim lock

1. The standby current is only 25mA, and the start current is 350mA by pushbutton or RFID card, open by knob inside by turning the cylinder pin, totally mechanical open way, could save much more than electric rim locks and electric magnetic locks.

2. Multiple functions could work in most of the access control system, signal feedback, led light, lock time delay adjust, lock down speed adjust, and now add infrared electric motorize lock for no touch entry solution.

3. No collision, quiet lock sound, when the door lock is closed, the motorized lock detects the keeper, then extends the deadbolt latch by stepper motor moving, so the lock sound is quiet. And as no strong force to bump the door, the door life could be extended.4.

4. Lock will alarm when the door is not closed. There is a built-in alarm beeper inside PCB, the user could set the alarm time as needed or keep the factory setting, and the lock will beep when the door is still not closed perfectly.


1. As the electrical wires are connected inside the lock, waterproof performance is not very good, better to use it indoors.

2. The lock components are more fragile, we suggest to fix by screws but no weld on the door frame, in case of the soldering heat burns out the motor lock.

3. When power is cut, the electric lock is turned into the mechanical lock, which could only be opened by turning the knob of the single-cylinder lock, or the mechanical keys of the double-cylinder lock.

Electromagnetic lock

The electromagnetic lock is also named electric magnetic lock, electric current flow through silicon steel plates convert to magnetic force, the magnetic locks are usually named by the magnetic holding force, 60kg(130lbs), 180kg(360lbs), 280kg(600lbs), 320kg(700lbs), 500kg(1200lbs). When power is cut, the lock is no longer locked, the characteristic is just to match the requirement of the fire door system, so almost 90% of anti-fire doors use the electric magnetic lock. Toplock electric magnetic lock is also named the model as the rules, and each force level contains two installation series: mortise installation and flush mount installation. Mortise electric magnetic lock installation is not requested by cutting mounting holes, placing the door lock with a hanging plate, or installing in the L bracket, Z bracket, and U bracket. Flush mount electric magnetic lock installation is concealed the lock in the door framed, only see the armature plate on the door.

The advantage of the electric magnetic lock.

1. Lower current consumption, from 200mA to 400mA current can create 180kg (135lbs) to 500kg (1200lbs) holding force, saving more for frequent access passage, comparing to the electric rim lock, the lower consumption could be connected to security system directly, the system could have enough electric power.

2. Widely used for almost all kinds of doors, wood doors, iron doors, aluminum doors, anti-fire doors, even glass doors, mounted installation, or hidden installation as needed.

3. Mounted installation electric magnetic lock structure with build-in PCB, 2 wire only power connection, 5 wire-NO/NC/COM with lock status signal feedback, 8 wire- with both door status signal and lock status signal feedback


1. The mag lock need to be consistent power on, a long time energizing leads to an increase in the temperance of the lock, if the ambient temperature is over 40 degrees, the current flow to the coil is reduced, so the holding force will lower than the actual holding force, and also could affect the lifespan.

2. The electric magnetic lock is linear compression, which requests the magnetism and armature plate match face to face to make sure the best holding force. Abnormal installation or contamination on the surface, such as rust, dust, or foreign matter, could lower the linear force of the magnetic lock, like the complaint of others- with only one push, the door is easily open.

3. To make sure enough force, the armature plate needs to adjust regularly after installation, such as checking plate position, and tight/loose the M8 screws and guide pin.

Electric bolt lock

The Electric bolt lock, also called for electric drop lock, is an electric door lock locked by a deadbolt latch and contains fail-safe – normally open and fail secure – normal closed lock mood. Fail-safe electric bolt lock deadbolt latch is shrunk back in static status and stretched out when detecting the magnetic plate, and keeping the door locked, and fail-secure is converse. As the bolt latch is the only lock part that requests sufficient strength, like Toplock electric bolt lock deadbolt is 304 stainless steel material that could bear at least 1000kg holding force, and also patented lock structure could last 500,000 cycles test easily, with max. 250,000 cycles. 9 types of series, 80% is for concealed installation, the other part is with bracket for mortise installation, mostly used for frameless glass door lock.

The advantage of the electric bolt lock

1. Opening direction is not restricted, could work for both outdoor open doors and indoor open doors.

2. Embedded installation and perfect safety security quality, do not affect the beauty of the door surface and architectural style.

3. 12vdc to 24vdc wide range of voltage, timed delay, and lock sensor signal feedback, the functions make it more convenient for all security intercom systems.


1. Need to dig an installation hole, it’s a little hard for a locksmith to install.

2. If the door is without a frame, need to purchase an extra bracket for mounted installation.

At last, Toplock wishes everyone could get the perfect door locks for their place.